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Medela rocks at customer service

I’m a firm believer in the saying “it takes a village to raise a child. Yeah, well, it takes a village to raise a mom too. When you become a parent, you need all the help you can get. So I’ll be sharing my product faves and the gear I wish I’d known to register for the first time around.

“Yay! I’ll get to register for my very own breast pump!” – said no woman, ever, when creating her baby registry.

But still, if you’re planning to breastfeed, you’ll be spending a hella lot of time with that contraption. So you better know what you’re buying.

The first time around, I got suckered into registering for an off brand that the store clerk assured would be wonderful.

“It is so quiet, you won’t even hear it working,” she said, smiling knowingly.

That’s because it didn’t work.

So many tears were shed over that stupid machine. (I wish that I was kidding.)

Honest to goodness, the frustration of trying to use a machine that was supposed to work and didn’t, thereby leaving me in pain – with a hungry baby to boot – was just more than my family could take.

After a few weeks, I broke down and forked over the money for a different machine.

Enter Medela. So much better. I could go on and on about the machine, and how much I like the bottles and accessories available with the systems. But you and I don’t know each other all that well yet. So let me just say this: they’ve got a great reputation and great products, but what I really admire is the company’s customer service.

Medela rocks at customer service.

I bought my machine the first time around, after the pump-that-shall-not-be-named hit the curb, and dug it out again for Baby No. 2. As I used it the second time, I noticed that there was a very small portion of the plug that was damaged. And while it was a small area, I still wanted to repair or replace the cord because electrocution by breast pump is not the way I want to go.

I called Medela to explain the issue last month. The woman I spoke with was awesome (and I’m kicking myself for not getting her name.) She was apparently unfazed by the baby yelling/crying/hiccups on my end of the phone and calmly asked me the style I was using and my address. She shipped me a brand new plug and just asked that I return the old one in the shipping box. She was kind, fixed my problem in a matter of minutes, didn’t keep me on hold forever, and hello! I got a free plug out of it! Medela for the win.

(P.S. To any new mommies out there, when I called the customer service number, 800-435-8316, there’s also an option for breastfeeding support services. So if you need help or have questions, just give them a call.)

Other resources for breastfeeding moms

Do you have a favorite product you swear by? Share it in the comments below. I’m going to be compiling a list of my ultimate baby registry faves.


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