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Mango = the most delicious teether

Teething bites.

It turns an otherwise mellow baby into a whole other cranky, moody, irritable kid you barely recognize.

You can’t blame ’em. It has to be an annoying, painful sensation that they can’t figure out and can’t get rid of until those pearly buds break the surface.

But I’ve got a cheap, easy – and sweet – solution for baby’s aching gums.

We buy mangos. Lots and lots of mangos.

Mango is one of my daughter’s favorite baby food purees. And before her teeth broke through, she loved gnawing on the pit. It’s become her go-to teething comfort. And I’m figuring it’s giving her a few extra vitamins she wouldn’t otherwise get from chomping down on a silicone teething ring.

A mango pit teether
Our baby enjoys gnawing on the pit of a mango (with a bit of fruit surrounding it) for some sweet, juicy relief.

When we buy mango, we like to puree the fruit and save the pit like this:

  • Remove the skin of the mango and discard.
  • With a sharp knife, we carefully slice away most of the fruit and add to a blender for a future puree. (Here’s a recipe!)
  • We like to leave some of the fruit on the pit, so baby isn’t actually eating the hard pit. We just want to give her something sweet and juicy to chew on.
  • It works best when she’s strapped into a highchair with a tray, so that as the slippery mango falls out of her grasp, it just lands on the tray and she can pick it back up.
  • The one downside: She loves the sweet taste of her newfound teether,  but she is a wee bit sticky afterwards 😉
  • Caution: It is something I only give her to chew on when I am sitting right next to her and can constantly supervise it. As her teeth start to break through and she gets to the point of being able to actually rip a bit of the mango off, that’ll be the end of that.

Looking for other teething tricks? has a good list.

Beechnut also suggests slicing cucumbers, dipping into a favorite puree and freezing. Sounds like a fun one to try.

Whatever you choose, be careful introducing a homemade teether to baby the first time, and be patient and she gets accustomed to it.

Have another home remedy for teething? Let me know in the comments section below.




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