Parent truth No. 3: You don’t have to finish that mac n’ cheese

Me (all day, every day): “You have to eat your meal. Please. Just eat your food.”

One exception: If we’re at Panera and you order Mac n’ Cheese. Mommy will eat whatever is left, and possibly eat the entire bowl if you’re not quick enough. And she’ll probably use the baguette to scoop up the leftover creamy cheese sauce in the bowl. And she should probably just order her own bowl instead of salivating over yours, but we both know she’s going to order a “salad” to get her “veggies” to “set a good example” and then sneak that bag of chips closer to you as you eat and ask, “Are you done with your noodles? Do you want some chips? Look at these chips! Soo tasty! How about candy? Want a cookie? Brownie?


Just give Mommy the mac n’ cheese.”

(Your Friday Funny, courtesy of Liz Lemon 😉 )

Other parent truths:

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2 thoughts on “Parent truth No. 3: You don’t have to finish that mac n’ cheese

  1. Haha this is so me! My daughter is going through a phase where she won’t eat her own food… she will only eat what is on my plate. So most our meals we just share a bowl and I’m like, you better get on this before I do! lol


    1. Haha! Completely agree. And their mac n’ cheese is so tasty I can’t resist! Maybe if she’s always looking at your plate, you can trick her into eating veggies…but mine would just give me the stink eye if I tried I think!

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