Is your coffee strong enough?

Coffee please
This Mom would be a zombie without caffeine. Some days she still is.

This could be the most important post I write all year for parents.

Did you know that the cup of coffee you’re about to drink might not have as much caffeine as you think it does?

This Mom runs on caffeine.

And since there’s barely time in the morning to enjoy just the one hot mug before I have to have this argument …

“No, you cannot wear a bathing suit to preschool. Why? Because I said so. No, putting pants over the bathing suit will not work. No, rain boots will not make it better either. Because you’ll be cold that’s why. Put down the bathing suit. No, the snowsuit won’t do either. Grrr….”

… it had better be a good cup of joe with a lot of caffeine.

And if you’re grabbing coffee on the run, turns out those extra miles to a Starbucks instead of the McDonald’s around the corner, will be well worth your time in terms of a caffeine fix.

Check out where you can get the most caffeine in your cup.


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