Baby nail clippers = instant anxiety

Outside my rain-soaked window is a bleak and dreary sky. And though it’s been a long week – and I have been so looking forward to Friday – it doesn’t quite feel like the weekend¬†yet.

I needed a Friday funny.¬†You might too. Here’s one that will have any parent smiling, because you’ll know exactly what this guy is feeling.

You know how excruciatingly tense clipping a wiggly baby’s nails can be. You’re so afraid to hurt them, and their little nails are so tiny!

But, those talons are sharper than you’d expect, so you really only have two options. You either plan to dress her in baby mittens until she goes to prom, or be brave and do it yourself.

And once you finally gather the courage, you’d never expect the baby to prank you.

Enjoy your Friday Funny.

Happy (almost) April Fools’ Day!


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