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The No. 1 most sought-after item at a kids’ consignment sale is …

Big outdoor toys, water tables, bikes, play houses and slides will be among the first to go.

If you’ve read my last post about tips for shopping a kids’ consignment sale, you’re ahead of the game.

This week, the Lehigh Valley has two sales running, and if you’re after a big ticket item you’ll need all the help you can get.

I reached out to folks at The Clothing Tree and The Kids’ Clothesline and there was no hesitation about the hottest selling items. There’s one category that’s far and away more popular than others, and if you’re late to one of these sales, you may never even see them.

The most sought-after item at a kids’ consignment sale? Really, really big outdoor toys.

I’m talking slides and playhouses large enough that you have to call in a favor to that one friend you know who drives a pick-up truck – just to get them home.

Dawn, over at The Clothing Tree, tells me she’s found the three fastest selling items are the outdoor toys (slides, playhouses, sandboxes), baby equipment (strollers, pack n’ plays and bouncy seats) and outerwear.

“Personally, the best deal I think I ever found was a $60 bounce house that was $400 new retail,” Dawn says, adding that the earlier you shop, the more likely you are to walk out with a big item.

Amanda, over at The Kids’ Clothesline, agrees the big outdoor items are the first to go. But there are also smaller, everyday items that shoppers tend to clamor for in the first few hours of every sale. Baby equipment is always a top seller.

“Those items are so expensive in the store and you can get these things so much cheaper at our event,” Amanda adds.

Think walkers, jogging strollers, double strollers and the like.

“Those items are super expensive to buy new and we sell them for 30-50 percent less than new retail pricing,” Dawn says.

Personally, I’ve had great luck in the baby-proofing section. New baby gates at a store can cost a fortune and you usually only have them around for a few months. I picked one up at a sale for $10 with my first daughter. And at the last sale, I found brand new foam corners to cover the sharp edges of our coffee table to protect our new little explorer for $1.50 (5 pieces, brand new). Outlet covers, knob covers and drawer/door fasteners, can all be found at these sales – usually for a fraction of what you’d pay in stores.


What’s your best kids’ consignment sale find that you brag about to anyone who will listen? Share it (and any shopping tips you have) in the comments section below.

The Clothing Tree

Sale dates: April 7-9

Where: Charles Chrin Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Road, Palmer Township

Info: http://theclothingtree.com/

Shopping tips: http://theclothingtree.com/shoppers/shopper-information-to-know/

Shopping hours (courtesy of theclothingtree.com):

Consignor Presale Thursday April 6th 3pm-7pm
VIP Passholder Presale* Thursday April 6th 4pm-7pm
Special Entry for: Police, Fire, EMS,
School and Nurses
(appropriate ID required for entry)
Thursday April 6th 5-7pm
Public Sale Friday April 7th 10am-7pm
Public Sale Saturday April 8th 9am-4pm
Public Sale (Most items 50% off) Sunday April 9th 11:30am-3:30pm
*Purchase a VIP pass for $10 in advance:  http://theclothingtree.com/shoppers/vip-sale/

The Kids’ Clothesline

Sale dates: April 7-9

Where: Ag Hall, Allentown Fairgrounds, 302 N. 17th St. in Allentown

Info: http://www.thekidsclothesline.com/

Shopping tips: http://www.thekidsclothesline.com/shop.html

Shopping hours (courtesy of thekidsclothesline.com):

Private Presale
Thursday,April 6: 12pm – 8pm
Committee Volunteers 12pm
8 Hour Volunteers (2 shifts) 2pm
Consignors 4pm
6pm – 8pm
Public Sale
Friday,April 7: 10am – 8pm
Consignor Restock Friday, April 7: 7pm – 8pm
Public Sale
Saturday, April 8: 10am – 6pm
Public 1/2 Price Sale
Sunday, April 9: 10am – 6pm
Consignor Pickup
Sunday, April 9: 6pm – 8pm
Public $1 Sale
Monday, April 10: 10am – 12pm

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