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9 Easter basket theme ideas you can still pull off (and that your kids will love!)

Easter basket ideas

At my house, the Easter Bunny maintains a strict rule for Easter basket gifts: If we aren’t going to want to look at it in August, it ain’t going in the Easter basket.

It’s really easy to get sucked into buying all the little Easter-themed trinkets stores sell this time of year. Bunny ear sunglasses? Too cute. Easter bibs and placemats? Adorable. But will those bunny ear sunglasses be as cute in August, when your kid would rather be wearing plain old sunglasses? And are you going to want to whip out those Easter bibs for a summer cookout?

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to load them up on candy. And I certainly don’t want more stuff to shove in closets.

So this year, ditch the trinkets, and follow my Easter Bunny rule. Stick with things you know your kids will use, or that you were planning to buy anyway.

A former co-worker led me in this direction, when she explained that her kids always open ‘Beach Bunny’ baskets. Each year she buys them new flip flops, sunglasses, bathing suits, etc. She knows her girls will use them. And they get so excited to see their new summer gear, knowing warmer days are just up ahead.

This year, I’m following suit for my older daughter – a new bathing suit, summer sandals, beach shoes and towel. She’ll also get new sidewalk chalk and a chocolate rose and chocolate carrot. (I’m not a total curmudgeon.) But I know she’ll love the stuff and will be using it too.

Easter basket ideas
For Easter 2017, my older daughter will open a basket filled with summer necessities — new flip flops, bathing suit, sunblock and a fun beach towel.

For my little one, she has more fun just playing with boxes and opening packages, and isn’t picky about what she’s getting. But she’s also at the age where she loves snacks that she can feed herself. So while she’ll get a baby bathing suit and terry cover-up to go along with the beach theme, the rest of her basket will be puffs, baby food and snacks that are easy for tiny hands to grasp.


9 themes for fun Easter baskets:

Beach bunny: See ideas above. Add sand castle toys or pool toys as you see fit.

Artists: Who would say no to a basket full of Model Magic, Play Doh or finger paints? Add a few new paint brushes, sponges and a new smock. Get really crazy and throw in glitter and stickers, and your budding artist will be over the moon.

Sporty spices: Signed ’em up for Little League or junior soccer? How about shin guards, athletic tees and shorts? Throw in new ponytail holders and clips for the girls, power-fueled snacks and water bottles for the boys.

Girly girls: Finger nail polish, obvi. My favorite brand for my girls is Piggy Paint (natural, non-toxic and odorless)! And don’t forget stick-on earrings.

The outdoorsy type: Butterfly nets, sand pails and shovels.

Gardening girls: Seeds for her favorite veggies, gardening gloves and tools – and maybe even her own strawberry plant or blueberry bush! Check https://www.arborday.org/trees/ to see which fruit tree/shrub will grow best in your area.

Movie fans: Do a movie night-themed basket with a DVD, popcorn, snacks and a snuggly new blanket or pillow to cuddle up with.

Super spy: Play to his or her imagination by making your own spy kit (magnifying glass, disappearing ink, etc.) or snag a ready-made kit.

Summer fun: Fill a basket with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and a fun outdoor toy like a sprinkler or kids’ slip and slide.

Add a fun sprinkler, like this gift we just got, to any Easter basket.

Have another idea? Share it in the comments section below.


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