My Christmas gift came just in time for National Arbor Day – and it’s awesome

Santa knocked it out of the park this year for me. And in honor of National Arbor Day, I thought it was worth sharing.

My stocking was missing on Christmas morning, but a Post-It note told me to check the freezer. I opened the door to find a stocking stuffed with four pints of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors in what I can officially say is the coolest stocking ever. I don’t need more stuff, but this girl can always use more ice cream. I’m an ice-cream-in-the-winter-eater, so this was perfect for me.

And then, tucked under the tree in a beautifully-wrapped box, was a gardening trowel. Gee, Santa. Just what every girl wants. A shovel. Why didn’t you just stick with the ice cream, old man?

The look on my face as I said half-heartedly, “Wow. A shovel. Neat. Guess I needed one of these,” must have given me away.

My mind raced. Men know gifting women blenders or irons are bad. But how are shovels not at the top of that list?!

National Arbor Day
Seriously? You never know what to say when someone you love gives you a shovel for Christmas. Or any holiday for that matter.

My husband said that maybe I should keep looking in the box as the big man may have hidden another surprise.

Lo and behold, an Arbor Day Foundation brochure. Again, me saying “Neat” and looking thoroughly confused.

Still not following here Santa.

Santa had actually pre-ordered fruit trees for me. And while my reaction was probably not the best, it is the coolest gift ever for a foodie.

I’m always going on and on about how I want to have fruit trees. (It goes back to my “Baby Boom” fantasy.) And the girls and I eat a ton of fruit. So this was perfect.

My gift included a sour cherry tree (great for pies and jam!) and an apricot tree, both zone specific to our area. The trees weren’t delivered in December, of course. But in early April, I got a box on the doorstep with two dormant fruit trees and two free forsythia bushes just waiting to be planted.

We planted our trees and are waiting for our summer crop. I doubt the first year will yield bushels of apricots and cherries, but believe me – when they do, I’ll be looking for and sharing recipes!

I can’t wait for the day when the girls say they’re hungry and I can hand them baskets and tell them to go pick a snack. And I’m on the hunt for blueberry bushes to add to the backyard too.

It turns out you don’t need a ton of land (or money) to grow fruit in your own backyard. Want to see which fruit trees/bushes could grow in your area? Check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s website. You’ll find trees that work in your zone, plus planting and care tips.

Have you tried growing fruit tree bushes or tree? Share your tips in the comment section below. Or, have an apricot or sour cherry recipe you’re willing to share? I’d love to hear it!

National Arbor Day
Our apricot tree is starting to bud, just in time for National Arbor Day.



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