“Why isn’t there a day about me?!” kid wonders


“No we’re not having pizza tonight. Daddy just got back from a business trip, and tonight’s his night to pick what we eat and what we do.

What?! Why? Why is there a Daddy night? Why isn’t there a day about me?! When’s my night? When is kids night!?

Um, yeah. Every night is kids’ night. Every. Single. Night.”

(Sighs. Uncorks wine bottle…)


My kid thinks Abe Lincoln and I rolled with the same crowd

Note to future self: Remind my kids of this when they are teenagers and want me to do stuff for them. I will not be able to, as I will be so verrrry old.

I know my kid learned about Presidents’ Day at preschool. I also know in my 4 year-old’s mind I am old as dirt already. Proof?

Her: Do you know Abraham Lincoln?

Me: Sure. He was one of the presidents of the United States.

Her: No! Do you know him, know him?!

Me: No, honey. He lived over a hundred years ago.

Her: Well, Mommy, you are verrrry old. You must know him.

Me: (Indistinctly mutters to self. Pours second cup of coffee.)